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Dabur Vatika Naturals Enriched Hair Oil (Argan)

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Review from one of the customers:

It is very light and moisturizing to the hair. Not very greasy like olive or almond oils. The smell is amazing.

I use it with a blend of other oils (olive, sweet almond, avocado and castor oils) I mix them up and heat them a little bit by putting them in a glass bowl and put the bowl in a hot water and check the temperature of the oils every once in a while. I don’t boil the oils nor heat them in the microwave because that changes some of the oil good properties. When the oils are nice and warm, I take a cotton ball and saturate with the oil mixture and start dabbing my scalp and hair shaft to the ends until My hair is fully saturated with oils. Then I massage my scalp well and wear a scarf (that I don’t like) and leave it overnight or at least two hours before taking a good shower to wash the oil. The result is AMAZING. Very silky and moisturized hair. Very strong and healthy. No more dry scalp, no more dandruff, and no more breakage. My hair grew longer and thicker in few weeks that I had to stop using this mixture for a while.