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Dr. Roberts

Dr Robert Neem Leaves Tea - (40 Bag Count)

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Neem is a popular herb that has been a part of traditional medicinal remedies dating back almost 5000 years. The neem tree is home to over 130 active compounds. All of these compounds come with many health benefits, including immuno-stimulants, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral compounds. Neem can be used for many different types of ailments. It is used to purify the blood, remove toxins, treat ulcers, treat insect bites, and prevent damage that free radicals might cause in the body. Neem is great for burns, infections, and any type of skin issue as it can destroy the bacteria that cause infections. In addition, neem can stimulate your immune system to promote faster healing, when you are suffering from an illness of any kind. There are many great health benefits associated with neem.


(This box contains 2, 20 Bag Count for a total of 40 Bags)