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Organic India

Organic India Energy Restore

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Energy Restore™ contains a powerful combination of ancient Ayurvedic herbs that promote vitality. Tulsi, Ayurveda’s Queen of Herbs, relaxes the mind and sustains energy levels while Ashwagandha rejuvenates the body and promotes endurance. Katuki and Blue Lotus work together to balance and detoxify the doshas and energetic systems of the body for holistic support, which helps better sustain focus, physical performance, and stamina. This adaptogenic energy supplement also assists the body’s ability to respond to stress, encouraging energy by day and sound sleep by night.

  • Stamina. Tulsi can help manage stress, improve cognitive function, allow for prolonged physical exertion, and make more efficient use of energy to help you stay awake, alert and relaxed.
  • Endurance. Studies have shown that Ashwagandha can help support physical performance, muscle strength and cardiorespiratory endurance.
  • Stress-Relief. Adaptogens help the body and mind adapt and respond to physical, emotional, mental and environmental stress, bypassing the fatigue from stress.
  • Balance. Balances the energetic systems of the body for sustained focus and ease.