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Medimix 18 Herb Soap 125g & 3 Pack

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Medimix Classic with its 18 Herb Ayurvedic Formula nourishes and protects your skin. This traditionally hand made 18 herb Ayuvedic soap that is effective in treating acne, blemishes, prickly heat and other skin ailments. This 18 Herbs unique formula has been enhanced to make the soap effective and last longer to keep you and your family naturally protected. Direction: Apply gently on body Suggested Usage: Apply at least Twice a day for best results

What are the ingredients of Medimix soap?
Chitraka, Vanardraka , Sariba, Chopchini, Nimba Twak, Dharu Haridra, Vacha, Usheeram, Dhanyaka , Jeeraka, Vidangam, Yashtimadhu, Kutaja, Jyothismathi, Devadaru, Krishna Jeeraka, Bakuchi, Guggulu.