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Organic India

Organic India Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea

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Stress relief tea is one of the worlds best ways to combat stress while on the go.  Our Organic India Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea is a highly acclaimed flagship product which has literally helped thousands of people over the past few years.

Since the Covid pandemic, citizens from every part of the world have had to deal with stress levels which hasn’t been dealt with since 9/11 and events since the depression.  Because the additives in the foods and medications promising us the solutions we sought, only to be turned down, the only real world option has been herbal teas.

This truly is a magical herbal remedy with its adaptogenic Tulsi, combined with soothing rose and chamomile. Calming and centering with a divine fragrance.

We are India Bazaar and all of our teas help people with having natural products for a natural body experience.  Choose this tea as it is one of our highest selling tea online as well as in our store!