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Sexual Her Him Wellness Box

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This Sexual Him Wellness Box includes herbs, tea, oil and an incense scent to help put you and your partner in the mood.  

  1. Ahmad Tea Energy (2- Bag Count)
  2. Herbo-Ex Gold 
  3. Parachute Coconut Oil (500 ml)
  4. Lavender Incense Scent (5 sticks)
  5. Incense Scent Holder

Ahmad Energy Tea - Ingredients to keep you active,

Herbo-Ex Gold - Capsules to assist your mind and body with libido and stamina. 

Parachute Coconut Oil - Get smooth and slick for those romantic nights with your spouse.

Lavender Incense Scent & Incense Scent Holder - Lavender is a natural smell that comes from flowers and have been mixed to form a wick style smell good relaxer.  Helps with stress reduction and body relaxation.